Black Widow Spider – bite.


6th August 2011

I had this email from my daughter from the USA.

She returned to her home from a photographic assignment at the 2011 Farmer’s Classic Tennis Tournament in Los Angeles. She was bitten by a black widow spider.

Here (with her permission) is her account of her ordeal…

…so when i came back from the LA open on tuesday night, I got bitten by a black widow spider which is poisonous. the bite was on my right arm near my elbow and it swelled up badly so much so that i couldnt even see the original bite marks…..I went to a doctor that evening who prescribed some heavy duty antibiotics and painkillers, which made me feel really sick when i took them, they told me that I would have to be admitted to a hospital for an iv drip if the inflammation was spreading up my arm past the mark they had drawn. Usually for 3-4 days.

So the next day, when the inflammation was still spreading,  I decided to stop taking all the medications and go with the ayurvedic anti toxicity preparations I had learnt about in India, as well as the tumeric pepper milk drink to bring down the inflammation……My friends and neighbour who saw the original wound could not believe their eyes today!

According to the ayurvedic toxicology text the ancient — visha chikitsa, the main thing to do is to bring down the inflammation through the tumeric and coconut oil application on the complete area of the wound, taking the tumeric drink internally and then following it up with an application of onion juice and cummin mixed up and applied to the area to bring up the toxins and fluid to the skin, then followed by a bentoinite clay mask (like a face pack) on the entire area, which then draws the toxin out of the body. After this whole procedure, to then mix a paste of chandan powder (I had some from my last trip to India) and apply it to cool down the whole area and then followed by tumeric and sandalwood salve.
And to bring the heart beat rate down, to meditate. My heart beat was around 152 when I went to the doctor when the bite happened and after taking the antibiotics it went down to 110 which is still high at resting, but after the meditation yesterday it came way down to 60 and stabilized at 80 which is normal and has remained so since then, even after doing strenous work this morning.

I had no movement in my arm yesterday at all from the combination of the swelling and paralysis that the venom produces. But amazingly after all the ayurvedic treatments yesterday and listening and monitoring my body, I was able to move my arm, before going to bed and this morning its back to normal movement, with slight inflammation and tightness. According to the visha chikitsa, this is normal and will leave the body within 1 week of the bite, so 3 more days to go 🙂

As I said, my neighbours couldnt believe it!! Today I have to make a follow up trip to the doctor and am sure hes going to drop out of his chair as he said the first time that it was almost a given that I would need IV by the weekend, as the sting looked very bad.

So there you go — dont go knocking or laughing about the effects of meditation and ayurvedic sciences. Go India!!

Just finished skyping. She kept it all from us – “Not to worry us”!




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