My first Newspaper Article, published in The Times Of India.


Today, I began to clean out my hoarded stuff that I had collected over the years.

I had a lot of stuff tucked away, collectors Items, like special articles,  sets of special prints from News Papers to selected subscribers commemorating special events, special editions and certified calendars, memorablia from my visits to various countries and items that initially were technological break throughs, like a 1984 mobile telephone and a 1982 hand held computer. One of the first analogue telephones, a Uniden, literally looked and weighed like a brick!  A Casio hand held PC that I purchased on one of my business trips to Tokyo, almost the size of today’s smart phones, had a facilty to record programmes in basic to an audio tape for storage and print data on an attached mini thermal printer. It is where I first learnt to programme in Basic.

Among the items stored was this first article of mine ‘Whose Funeral Anyway’ published as a ‘Middle’ on the Editorial page of the prestigious newspaper ‘The Times of India’. The Times of India was published by Bennet Coleman and Co in Bombay.  The Editors did not get back to you to say if it was accepted, they just published it and then, much later a cheque would arrive in the mail.

It was on a flight from Bombay to Bangalore in India on the 18th of November 1982 that I learnt of my first article’s publication, and is what the article is about. It is attached to this post as a pdf.

The other interesting thing about this publication was, that in the section under ‘Current Topics’, there was a topic titled ‘Sadistic Practice’. It had to do with ragging in the College of Engineering Trivandrum, the college where I graduated from. It was during my first year in college that women were first admitted to an Engineering College. I stayed in a hostel where the Seniors in the college became my close friends and hence was not subject to the kind of ragging that my mates received. It was not so bad then, but over the years it began to get worse. I was literally shocked to read the topic and that “fresher girl students” were abducted and stripped by the Senior girls. I could not believe that it had gone to the extent as reported in the paper.

TOI 18 11 1982 Whose Funeral




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