Solstice Celebration in 21st June 2015


21st June 2015.

The week long Solstice celebrations from 15 to 21st June at the Federation Square  came to an end this evening. Its the oldest form of human made light – Fire and the Leempeeyt Campfire was alight for all of these days. The Celebration is in its ninth year.

Offerings were burnt at the fire, symbolising hope and of renewal and reflection. At sunset, Wurundjeri Elder Aunty Diane Kerr led the proceedings and Uncle Herb Patten displayed his phenomenal art of Gum Leaf playing to  John Lennon’s ‘Imagine”. Uncle Herb claims he is the only person who has mastered the art of Gum Leaf playing and is in demand at various functions. You can hear Uncle Herb play John Lenon’s composition of ‘Imagine’ at – on Youtube 

You can listen to Wurundjeri Elder Aunty Diane Kerr on youtube at

Brett Lee brought the Celebrations to a close with his songs from a forthcoming EP.

Click on the Photo to see Photos of the Event.  or


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