Corowa – The Country Music Round Up


On the 17th 18th and 19th of  June 2011, I spent three days in Corowa to listen to the famous,  not so famous and upcoming artists in country music held at the Corowa RSL. For a small town like Corowa, they could not afford the big timers, like Troy Cassadaly, Adam Harvey etc, who I felt, should have put in a guest appearance to promote country music in Australia. This was my first visit to the round up and will certainly make it again next year.

IMG_7896 - Copy

Although the forecast was for heavy rain, the rain held off for the three days, with plenty of sunny breaks, except for a bit of a drizzle now and then.

The Corowa RSL puts up this show every year at this time and certainly a must visit. Apart from the round up, the venue is a great place, good food and a great atmosphere.

Unfortunately, I lost my three 8Gb SD cards somewhere and had to restrict myself  to a limited number of photos.

The artists at the round up were:

Tony and Helen Cornish, Olive Bice, Shahnae Pakoti, Rob Sneddon, The Hoffmans, Dale Hooper, Andrew D”Rosario, Tom Maxwell, Brendan Scott, Anthony Tenace, Rick Diamond, Stephen Chenby and George Farnham.

The Coffee Lounge stage needs to be relocated, not conducive for photography due to the excessive backlight. George one of the those managing the stage said it will be moved to the corner behind. That’s a good start.

Here are a few of the photos .

Below – Andy D’Rosario from Melbourne Victoria, sings and plays at the Melbourne Noble Park RSL quite regularly.  Andy played a few compositions of his own and is a great entertainer.

IMG_7939 - Andy DRosario IMG_7969 - Andy DRosario IMG_7937 - Andy DRosario IMG_7920 - Andy DRosario IMG_7919 - Andy DRosario IMG_7935 - Andy DRosario IMG_7915 -Andy DRosario

Andy’s hat – which he picked up at the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

IMG_7927 -Andy DRosario

Dale Hooper – If you closed your eyes and listened – Dale sounds like Johnny Cash. He has a CD titled Tribute to Cash, with songs like Ring of Fire, I walk the line, Don’t take your guns to town, Man in Black and a few more.

IMG_7954 - Copy


Dale Hooper

Dale Hooper Dale Hooper IMG_8060 - Copy Dale Hooper Dale Hooper IMG_8038 - Copy IMG_8037 - Copy IMG_8036 - Copy


Below – Tom Maxwell. Tom  had an interesting story to tell. He had a glass of water and another glass with the contact lens solution by his bedside. He inadvertently placed his contacts in the glass of water. Late that night , before he went to bed, he had his glass of water and that was the end of his contact lenses.  Tom was a hit with crowd. His CD “On the Road” has compositions by Keith Urban, John Williamson and Slim Dusty among others.

IMG_7972 - Copy

IMG_7902 -Tom Maxwell IMG_7901 - Tom Maxwell


Tony and Helen Cornish


Shahnae’s first appearance at the Corowa Country Music round up. A promising new comer on the country music scene, she will certainly go places in the future.  So watch this space.

IMG_7963 - Copy Shahnae Pakoti Shahnae Pakoti Shahnae Pakoti Shahnae Pakoti

Brendan Scott – at the Cafe Lounge Stage. Good listening and a good entertainer.

Brendan Scott Brendan Scott

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