MIJF 2016 Wayne Shorter Quartet – Hamer Hall 12 June


MIJF 2016  Wayne Shorter Quartet – Hamer Hall 12 June

The Wayne Shorter Quartet at the Hamer Hall – Melbourne International JazzFest 2016 to a sell out crowd on the closing night of the International Jazz Fest 2016.

A truly amazing performance. If you missed any of the performances by world famous artists and composers during this festival  – there’s always 2017.

Wayne Shorter – saxophones,  Danilo Pérez –piano.  John Patitucci – bass  Brian Blade – drums


More pics at http://kevin-peterson.net/?page_id=32083

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kevin_peterson _Wayne Shorter-2516

kevin_peterson _Wayne Shorter-2518

kevin_peterson _Wayne Shorter-2545

kevin_peterson _Wayne Shorter-2551

kevin_peterson _Wayne Shorter-2558
kevin_peterson _Wayne Shorter-2563
kevin_peterson _Wayne Shorter-2579

kevin_peterson _Wayne Shorter-2584
kevin_peterson _Wayne Shorter-2586
kevin_peterson _Wayne Shorter-2589 kevin_peterson _Wayne Shorter-2597 kevin_peterson _Wayne Shorter-2599

kevin_peterson _Wayne Shorter-2613

kevin_peterson _Wayne Shorter-2638
kevin_peterson _Wayne Shorter-2639 kevin_peterson _Wayne Shorter-2642 kevin_peterson _Wayne Shorter-2650

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