Wangaratta Jazz 2017 – National Jazz Awards Finalists


Sunday 5th November 2017  WPAC Theatre

The National Jazz Awards,  was instituted in 1990 when this Festival began,  with Adrian Jackson as its Artistic Director, and is a highlight of the festival.  Few of the past winners and outstanding artists of today are, Barney McAll, James Muller, Phil Slater, Scott Tinkler, Michelle Nicolle and Stephen Magnusson   One piece selected and played has to be an original composition by the applicant.

Unfortunately, there could be just one of the many and chosen ten  talented brass players in Australia, under 35. It is also a  trying time for the judges – to concur and come to that final decision amongst such worthy talent.  This year’s judges were Scott Tinkler, Adrian Sheriff and Nadje Noordhuis. The finalists were Thomas Avgenicos James Macaulay and Niran Dasika.  James Macaulay won the National Jazz Award.

The prizes for the 2017 National Jazz Awards are: go to

Few pics of the finalists at the awards. and supporting trio Ben Vanderwall, Tom O’Hallaran and Brendan Clark

Paul Squires, Thomas Avgenicos, Zoe Hauptmann, Scott Tinkler and Nadje Noordhuis

Ben Vanderwal


Brendan Clark

Thomas Avgenicos

Niran Dasika

James Macaulay




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