Lunar Eclipse 2018 – 31 Jan to 1st Feb


Few pics taken with a Canon 3D Mark 2 with a Canon pump action lens 100 to 400mm lens f4 to 5.6

I kind of started off on the wrong foot so to say by placing the manfrotto sturdy tripod on the decking under cover to eliminate the possibility of condensation on the lens. I then found out after a few shots that the deck boards were moving with the change in temperature at speeds of less than 1 second. There was also the problem of a moving moon or moving earth shall I say. So the slower speeds were not a good option unless one can synchronise the movement of the moon with the camera. There may be something out there that can do that… tell me. I also noticed that at lower speeds the shutter movement was clearly identifiable by the irregular lines at the start and finish of the shot.

Here are a few pics with varying ISO’s and shutter speeds at f5.6 that varies with the zo0m distance of the lens from 4 at 100 to 5.6 at 400.





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