Whitenight 2018 – Melbourne, Australia


17th February 2018

each year.

As one of the photographers for the first event, I said at that time,  I would never volunteer again. The crowds were packed into a small area and you could hardly move at times. Over the years the event has been spread out from the Museum and Royal Exhibition buildings to the Alexandra gardens, diluting the density of people in any one place.  Security was at its highest and a very welcome visible Police presence within sight of wherever you were.

I could not get to all of the events – just a few pics of where I have been to, National Gallery of Victoria, Flinders Street, Swanston Street, The Fashion Stage on Burke Street, the Uptown Funk Stage, The State Library and the Exhibition building, Carlton Gardens.

The animated displays inside the State Library and the Exhibition buildings  were truly awesome and one cannot  but think of  the many artists and their hours of creativity  that went into these visual displays. Thanks to David Atkins – the Artistic Director.

Videos cannot be displayed on this Blog. More pics in high res  can be viewed at   https://kevin-peterson.smugmug.com/Cultural-Festivals/Whitenight-2018-Melbourne-Australia

The Victorian State Library

National Gallery of Victoria

Arts Centre Spire



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