Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues 2018


31st October 2018

The 29th Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues (about 2 and 3/4 hrs from Melbourne) kicks off  this Friday 2nd November to Sunday 4th November. Three days of Jazz and Blues with most of Australia’s renowned  and International artists. Its a great way to spend  this Melbourne Cup week end, in Victoria – or just a day trip. The weather looks good for Saturday  24 and Sunday 28, mostly Sunny. On Friday, a possibility of a thundershower.

Accommodation is hard to come by with regulars like me having a permanent booking with a Motel. So I would highly recommend to book well in advance, if you intend staying for a weekend of Jazz and Blues,  next year.

A central feature of the event is the National Jazz Awards, introduced in 1990, featuring a nominated instrument for each year’s awards.  In 1990 it was the Piano and  Barney McAll won it over the other final finalists, Jann Rutherford, Scott Griffiths. This year the nominated Instrument is the Drum, and the finalists competing for the award are  Alex Hirlian, 24 (Sydney, NSW),  Alex Reid, 25 (Perth, WA), Alexander Inman-Hislop, 25 (Petersham, NSW), Alf Jackson, 27 (Hobart, Tas), Angus Mason, 25 (Glengowie, SA), Damien Ellis, 32 Thornbury, Vic), James McLean, 28 (Preston, Vic), Josh Baldwin, 33 (Adelaide, SA), Lewis Pierre-Humbert, 27 (Tecoma, Vic), Oli Nelson, 25 (Redfern, NSW)

To know more about this  festival, have a look at the   Festival Program

I took a few photos last year and the years before,  here is a link to them

Header photo – Matt Jodrell  at last years Festival


Niran Dasika – Winner of last year’s National Jazz Award

Christian Scott (USA) at the Festival’s opening night  in 2017





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