Monash Jazz Club – Paul Grabowsky’s New Grooves 15/08/2019 #3/4


Thursday 15th August 2019  at the  new Monash Jazz Club, Monash University, Clayton Campus.

Paul Grabowsky’s New Grooves, third in the Thursday night August series, featured Fem Belling (Vocals and Vioin), Angela Davies (Sax) for a night of original compositions and innovative jazz interpretations showcasing a range of styles, stories and sounds from  the early years of jazz to the present day.

The Band; Paul Grabowsky on the Piano – Fem Belling (Vocals and Violin) on the Saxophone – Tamara Murphy on the Double Bass and Miles Henry on the Drums Angela Davies (Sax)

Few pics of the nights performance.

Next Thursday night; 22nd Aug 2019; the Featured Artist – is Chelsea Wilson

Paul Grabowsky

Tamara Murphy

Paul Grabowsky

Fem Belling









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