‘All in Melbourne’ presents at the Jazzlab 30th August 2019


Sunday 30th August at the Jazzlab – Sunday Ramble

For this Sunday’s ramble – I visited the Jazzlab in Brunswick.

All In Melbourne presented: Bitches Brew and SOLUNE:

All In Melbourne’s core group consists of Cheryl Duronpisitkul, Marcos Villalta, Madeleine Novarina, Loren Brealey and Tom Noonan, and has many other volunteers that contribute in various ways. It aims to tackle issues at secondary, tertiary and post-tertiary levels. In a chat with All In Melbourne, they said, “We’ve found that when people talk about the gender imbalance in jazz, the answers usually involve some sort of deflection. “There’s no women in the scene because they’re not going to university > There aren’t any women in the university course because high schools aren’t sending them to us > There’s not any girls picking up these instruments because there’s no role models in the scene”

Bitches Brew – The Band – Lisa Baird on trombone, Cheryl Durongpisitkul on Saxophone, Stella Anning on Guitar; Chelsea Allen on Drums, and Sarah Holmes on Bass Guitar.

SOLUNE – Selene Messinis (piano)  Tim Cox Drums, Benjamin Gullaci (Bass) Marcos Villalta (guitar) and Ben Tim on drums. It was their debut performance

For photos of the two shows Click on the photos below

SOLUNE: Selene Messinis; Benjamin Gullaci, Marcos Vilallta and Tim Cox

Bitches Brew: Stella Anning, Lisa Baird, Sarah Holmes, Cheryl Durongpisitkul and Chelsea Allen


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