MIWJF 2019 Andrea Keller Trio


2nd Dec 2019

The Melbourne  International Women’s Jazz Festival MIWJF 2019 – Day 2  at the Jazzlab

The festival is co presented by the Melbourne Jazz Co-Op.  held at various venues and at  the Jazzlab from the 1st of Dec to the 8th of Dec 2019

The first day saw Hilary Geddes and her quintet from Sydney and last night featured the stalwarts of Australian Jazz  that featured Andrea Keller  on the piano, with  Tamara Murphy on the Double Bass and Fran Swinn on the Guitar.

More ino on the Melbourne  International Women’s Jazz Festival MIWJF 2019  page.

Few pics on the night :

Andrea Keller,Tamara Murphy and Fran Swinn

Andrea Keller (Rasterized pic)

Fran Swinn

Tamara Murphy

Andrea Keller




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