January 2020 – Australia’s Summer of Tennis


30th Dec 2019

2020 looks like a good year for everyone. I like the sound when anyone says ‘twenty twenty’ it has a special ring to it.

In January every year,  everyone, Players and Fans  from all over the world come to Australia for the tennis or escape the harsh winters in North America, Europe and other cold countries to experience Australia. In the world of Tennis, it is  the beginning of the first of the four Grand Slam Tournaments, the Australian Open, the French Open, the Championships Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open.

The origin of the word ‘Grand Slam’ according to wikipedia ;

The term slam for winning all of the tricks in the whist family card games (see also whist terms) is attested from early in the 17th century. Grand slam for all of the tricks, in contrast to small slam or little slam for all but one, dates from early in the 19th century.[8] This use was inherited by contract bridge, a modern development of whist defined in 1925 that became very popular in Britain and America by 1930.

Tennis has a long history of adopting golf custom and Grand slam appears to have entered tennis not directly from card sport but via golf as it was used since 1930, when Bobby Jones won the four major championships, two British and two American tournaments. Although John F. Kieran of The New York Times is widely credited with first applying the term “grand slam” to tennis to describe the winning of all four major tennis tournaments in a calendar year,[9] sports columnist Alan Gould had used the term in that connection almost two months before Kieran.[10]

In the lead up to the Australian Open –  The inaugural ATP Cup, an International hard court men’s Tennis tournament played in Brisbane, Sydney and Perth, features  teams from 24 countries, and  played over 10 days.  Date: 3—12 Jan 2020 ​   Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre, Sydney, NSW, Queensland Tennis Centre, Brisbane, QLD, RAC arena, Perth, WA

The ATP Cup –  Australian made,  from sterling silver, the ATP Cup features 24 shards, representing each of the 24 competing countries comprising 0f   Argentina  AustraliAustria Belgium Bulgaria Canada Chile  Croatia France  Georgia  Germany  Great Britain  Greece  Italy  Japan  Moldova  Norway  Poland  Russia Serbia  Spain  South Africa  United States and  Uruguay.

What goes into the making of the Cup

Then, there is the

and finally

Expect a couple of very hot and windy days in Melbourne and at the end of it all, go somewhere to recuperate and recover from the sunburn.

Pics I took over the Years .

Tennis – Australian Tennis Open,Kooyong Classic,US Open





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