Diwali 2011 – Sandown Park, Melbourne


Photos – added see post http://kevin-peterson.net/?m=201110

Photos on the day added -16/02/2014 and removed from the post

A few photos are experiments with slow shutter speeds to capture a bit of movement and the result was exceptional!

IMG_9854 IMG_9850 IMG_9846 IMG_9840 IMG_9832 IMG_9837 IMG_9824 IMG_9819 IMG_9816 IMG_9813 IMG_9804 IMG_9803 IMG_9796 IMG_9791 IMG_9783 IMG_9779 IMG_9765 IMG_9757 IMG_9691 IMG_9685 IMG_9677 IMG_9674 IMG_9671 IMG_9667 IMG_9666 IMG_9690 IMG_9709 IMG_9708 IMG_9729 IMG_9732 IMG_9781 IMG_9852 IMG_9809

IMG_9662 IMG_9445 IMG_9431 IMG_9420 IMG_9418 IMG_9413 IMG_9409 IMG_9408 IMG_9405 IMG_9399 IMG_9396 IMG_9395 IMG_9392 IMG_9391 IMG_9389 IMG_9387 IMG_9386 IMG_9383 IMG_9372 IMG_9370 IMG_9368 IMG_9367 IMG_9366 IMG_9365 Indian Food Indian Food The making of a Parotta Indian Food Indian Food Indian Food Bangles Sarees and colour IMG_9347 IMG_9346 IMG_9345 IMG_9342 IMG_9339 IMG_9338 IMG_9336 IMG_9335 IMG_9334 IMG_9333 IMG_9331 IMG_9330 IMG_9329 IMG_9327 IMG_9326 IMG_9324 IMG_9322 IMG_9321 IMG_9319 IMG_9318 IMG_9317 IMG_9315 IMG_9312 IMG_9306 IMG_9302 IMG_9299 IMG_9298 IMG_9297 IMG_9285 IMG_9284 IMG_9283 IMG_9282 IMG_9277 IMG_9271 IMG_9264 IMG_9240 IMG_9237 IMG_9235 IMG_9232 IMG_9228 IMG_9226 IMG_9224 IMG_9221 IMG_9218 IMG_9217 IMG_9211 IMG_9203 IMG_9201 IMG_9198 IMG_9186