In here, I share my experiences, as I travel around the world

Many of the photos I had kept and would have liked to include, were destroyed by accident or gone “walk about” as they say. I am sure many of you would now say the same thing – if only!

Originally from India and now living permanently in Australia, I have been to Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, and Nagoya  in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok in Thailand, Rome, Venetia, Como, and Milan  in Italy, New York, Los Angeles, the Yucca Valley, San Francisco, Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon, Colorado, Idylwild,  Orange County, Hemet and Twenty nine Palms in the USA. Europe and the UK are next on my list.

Its funny, coming from India, I go back often to see a bit more of the country I never saw when I lived there. Every time I visit, my  experiences are enriched in a better understanding of its Spiritual and multicultural and religious side, reflected in its temples, churches, mosques, paintings, sculptures, its different people and cultures that make up this diaspora of a magical and mysterious country.

Hope you enjoy these experiences of mine through these photos and brief comments. Please feel free to comment and add your experiences to the places I have been. They say – “Your best friends are those who criticise not praise you.”

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