Melbourne – Australia 9th March 2015


The most liveable city in the world.. and exploding  from within at a rapid pace.

What we need most, is a good public transport system divested of vested interests to maintain what I think is its number one status in the world.

  • A metro rail that will terminate underground at the Airport, decongesting the freeways. A taxi fare from where I live, to the airport costs me more than an air fare to Sydney!
  • An outer rail system linking the ‘spiderlegs’ of our current rail system. This will assist in decentralising the congestion in Melbourne of Offices, people and transport. After all, in this day and age, your office is literally where you are!

Below, Photos taken at night on 9th March 2015 – last day of Moomba

Click here for part of the fireworks display


The end of the night at Moomba – deserted.


The Victorian Arts Centre – Witches Hat!

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