Stonnington Jazz Fest 2015 – Tribute to Kerrie Bidell


17th May – At the Malvern Town Hall – Tribute to Kerrie Bidell

Extract from the programme guide ….edited. 

Kerrie Bidell was Australia’s First Lady of Jazz, the woman who started her career as backup singer for Dusty Springfield before going on to perform with the likes of Cilla Black, Buddy Rich and the most celebrated jazz and soul musicians in Australia and the world. In this remarkable, once in a lifetime event, the new guard pay an emotional big band tribute to Kerrie Biddell. This special tribute concert directed by Andy Murray and singers Elly Hoyt, Kristin Berardi, Fem Belling and Chelsea Wilson, featured big band versions of Biddell’s eclectic repertoire, including songs from her Daly-Wilson big band collaborations, seventies pops and jazz standards. It was a night to remember

Few of the photos……

Andrew Murray - Musical Director

Andrew Murray – Musical Director

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