MIJF2015 – Dee Dee Bridgewater and Irvin Mayfield at the Hamer Hall – Melbourne


Sunday 7th June 2015

The Melbourne International Jazz Fest 2015 has ended twelve days after it began with  a concert by Dee Dee Bridgewater and Trumpeter Irvin Mayfield giving Patrons more than their money’s worth, to see and hear one of America’s celebrated artists, bringing New Orleans to wherever she goes. Dee dee Bridgewater is an American jazz singer. She is a three-time Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter, as well as a Tony Award – winning stage actress (Wikipedia)

It well and truly was an awesome experience for those who missed her performance in Melbourne, about three years ago. After the introduction by the Festival’s Artixtic Director Michael Tortoni , Irwin Mayfield coached the crowd into a welcome applause for Dee Dee. The playing of the National Anthem did not seem to be a good idea at an event such as this, as about twenty odd patrons stood at attention. However as soon as Dee Dee appeared on stage – the audience was carried away with her singing, accompanying gestures, improvisations and abundant energy!  I’ll leave the comments on the performance to the professionals and leave you with a few images  taken during the first few minutes of her performance!

Michael Tortoni - Artistic Director

Michael Tortoni – Artistic Director


Irvin Mayfield kind of approves the welcoming applause!

Irvin Mayfield kind of approves the welcoming applause!

Dee Dee makes her entry on Stage

Dee Dee makes her entry on Stage

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NOJO – The 15 piece Orchestra from New Orleans.


The patrons  begin to take their seats in the accoustically designed Hamer Hall.

The end of the show!