MIJF 2015 – Joe Lovano, Paul Grabowsky, Rex and Beck – @Bennetts Lane


Thursday 4th June 2015 at Bennetts Lane – Melbourne International Jazzfest 2015

As Bennetts Lane winds down with the last few of of its major events on the Melbourne calendar,  Joe Lovano (USA) with Paul Grabowsky (Piano) , Philip Rex (Bass) and Dave Beck (Drums) – cough up another memorable night that will be long remembered for posterity.

Excerpts from the Programme guide “Melbourne International Jazz Festival” for 2015

… For over 30 years, Grammy-award winning saxophonist Joe Lovano has been redefining the boundaries of modern jazz.
A relentless explorer, his wide-ranging sound is by turns mercurial, fierce and reflective, absorbing a range of styles from impressionistic free jazz through to visceral searing bebop. Drawing on the past, always in the present and looking toward the future, Lovano has been hailed as “one of the greatest musicians in jazz history” (The New York Times).
Revisiting a creative bond formed more than a decade ago, he is joined by heavyweights of the Australian music scene, Paul Grabowsky, Philip Rex and Dave Beck for a special reunion not to be missed.

Included photos of what Bennetts Lane looks like on the inside and the very familiar faces behind the bar.

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