New York – Brooklyn Bridge 09/11/2011



Its 9/11 – a whole lot of action going on in New York.

The memorial service is under way open only to relatives and friends of those who lost their lives in the twin tower collapse – when two terrorist piloted jet planes crashed into the towers. I can still vivdly remember the event here in Melbourne and watching live, the second plane crash into the tower. You could not but be emotionally involved at that moment and feel for the passengers and their families about to die and then die. I dont know how many billions of people would have said “Oh my God” at that ver moment.

Watched part of the memorial ceremony on TV.

In the afternoon I had tickets for the Women’s Tennis  final of the US Open 2011 between our Samantha Stosur and USA’s Serena Williams. Go to the Events page – Sports section.

There was little time between now and to get to the USTA on time to watch the match..

I headed for the Brooklyn Bridge, one of New York’s tourist attraction. It was slightly overcast with the sun peeping now and then. Seeing the bridge was was something I had to do from an Engineering point of view. Photos attached below

After a brief walk on the Brooklyn bridge I managed to make my way to Ground Zero and as expected, the area was cordoned off with a Police and security  presence that matched the event itself.

There was nothing you could do but experience the crowds that milled around the area. Shall upload photos of an earlier visit to the area on another page.

The Brooklyn Bridge, Lower Manhattan, New York.

Its a farily long walk to the tower of the Brooklyn Bridge. I was amazed to see that it was not well maintained. The structures leading to the bridge were rusting in many places, around bolts and crucial joints.

Here are some photos of the various parts of the bridge that are rusting. I have deliberately left out many of the good photos of the Bridge I took, which I am sure, there are hundreds available on the Internet.

On the way up to the bridge I noticed parts of the structure were rusting and would not take long before the corrosion to the steel structures leading to the bridge would have its way.  But, as the sign above says – it will be taken care of  before 2014.

It appears that that there others, also interested in the rusting parts of the bridge.


Below: Rivet heads appear to be badly corroded



Above: The I section of the iron girders – rusting away!

Above: The Pipe couplings are rusting.

Below: Parts of the I section leading to the bridge – rusting.


Below: Sections of the iron girders – rusting away!







 More photos of the rusting parts on the lead up to the bridge.








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