About me.

Reviving a long lost passion for photography from the days of pin holes, film, digital compacts and now onto  DSLRs with its accompanying range of  ‘must have’ lenses . It is a great continuos learning experience,  looking out for ‘that’ picture, and be able to freeze and record for others to share that moment. Would be fair to say  that all of us strive to learn till the day in our lives when  there are no sunsets or sunrises.

The photos on the many pages that I have taken with simple film cameras and Compact digital cameras were really taken with no knowledge of what this ‘hobby’ was all about. A good understanding of light, shade, movement, position  and the ability to combine the three in the most efficient and creative way is always a challenge. Today’s cameras are capable of analysing  the most challenging of environments in a matter of micro seconds to capture the best possible scenario.  Its mind boggling to think of where this photography technology will take us into the future. Your imagination will be the reality of tomorrow, that in itself makes us want to live forever and watch what miraculously unfolds moment by moment, year after year…I wish!

Its always about capturing the ‘moment’ that will never repeat itself. Like this pic below. Hoping to get a glorious sunset with splendid colours on a fairly cloudy day, quite suddenly there was this hole in the clouds and the sun’s rays streaming through that lasted less than a minute, was a magical moment.