Mexican Festival at Fed Square.


13th September 2015

Organised by Mexfest – its about Celebrating Mexican Day and Mexican Culture. It is an annual festival celebrated every year around the 16tth of September, which is Mexico’s Day of Independence when they revolted against the Spaniards. Its the day when Manuel Higaldo made the cry for Independence. It goes without saying that the Country Festivals at the Federation Square is an exposure to their Culture, traditions, Art and most of all their traditional foods. This year it appeared that the numbers have been growing and there were quite long queues for Mexican food by the River Bank Terrace. I could not get there early enough for the opening and the excited crowd were already into the Zumba with the Catalinas.

The weather was perfect for the day out and is probably why there was such a great turn out. Here are a few photos, of the Bands, the dances, and food stalls.

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