Cricket – Boxing Day Test 2011 – Australia Vs India at Melbourne


The Melbourne Boxing Day Cricket Test is the most important Cricket Test that Melburnians look forward to from the day it ends to the next and draws the biggest crowd for a Test Match.

Australians and Indians were looking forward to this Test  in that, Michael Clarke was looking forward to reinforcing his Captaincy with a win – and for the Indians, win or not, it was to watch  Sachin Tendulkar  make a record breaking 100th Test Century.  Surely Sachin was under a lot of pressure to meet that expectation, not only for India but for the Cricketing world in general. It was not to be. Not only did Sachin not make his Test hundred to the dissapointment of the Indians, but  the Indians lost the Test with a day to spare.  Not a good performance as expected, from the Indian Team. Some of the reasons for the defeat, they have not come here early enough to acclimatise themselves to Australia’s Climatic conditions and not enough pre test practice.

And then you hear of stories like that they are doing too much sight seeing and not enough time spent concentrating on winning the Tests. Overconfidence? In the game of Cricket, anything can happen at any time and that is what makes the game so interesting!

Australia is to be commended on their fielding, bowling, batting performance and a convincing win.

Attached are a few of the photos I took on the day and again on the 29th of December, the day the Indians lost it.

Unfortunately, for some strange reason my G9 settings changed during the camera shots which dropped to its lowest resolution. I am still waiting for the Canon 5D telephoto lens and had to make do with my 40D 17-50 which is not ideal for an event like this.

I am posting a few anyway.




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