Monument Valley – Arizona 6th Oct 2015


Not an ideal day to visit Monument Valley. It Rained most of the day and we were told at the Gate that, due to flooding of the 17 mile scenic route, only four wheel drives were allowed, if the rains eased off by about 2 PM. We decided to chance it, paid the entrance and  set off for the Visitors centre. It was crammed with tourists as no one could venture out onto the trail. Most of the pics you see here were taken from the Centre’s around, and a few from the trail that we eventually managed to drive onto with the Honda CRV. Due to the rain, photography was limited as most of the monuments were enshrined in clouds with an occasional clearing. I think I will visit again when the weather is a lot more amicable.


Rain God Mesa –


Elephant Butte


Thunderbird Mesa


John Ford’s Point


Merrick Butte


Three Sisters


West Mitten Butte, East Mitten Butte and Merrick Butte

IMG_9817 IMG_9816 IMG_9814 IMG_9811 IMG_9809 IMG_9808 IMG_9807 IMG_9804 IMG_9802 IMG_9799 IMG_9798 IMG_9795 IMG_9794 IMG_9791 IMG_9787 IMG_9786 IMG_9785 IMG_9783 IMG_9782 IMG_9780 IMG_9779 IMG_9778 IMG_9776-2 IMG_9776 IMG_9775 IMG_9774 IMG_9768 IMG_9755 IMG_9754 IMG_9753 IMG_9744 IMG_9741 IMG_9738 IMG_9737 IMG_9736 IMG_9734 IMG_9730 IMG_9728 IMG_9727 IMG_9725 IMG_9723 IMG_9722 IMG_9721 IMG_9720 IMG_9718 IMG_9717 IMG_9715 IMG_9712 IMG_9711-2 IMG_9711 IMG_9710 IMG_9709 IMG_9708 IMG_9707-3 IMG_9707-2 IMG_9707 IMG_9704 IMG_9703 IMG_9702 IMG_9700 IMG_9697 IMG_9696 IMG_9692 IMG_9690 IMG_9689 IMG_9688 IMG_9687 IMG_9686 IMG_9684 IMG_9682 IMG_9681 IMG_9680 IMG_9679 IMG_9678 IMG_9675 IMG_9674 IMG_9673 IMG_9671 IMG_9670 IMG_9669 IMG_9668 IMG_9667 IMG_9666 IMG_9664 IMG_9659 IMG_9657 IMG_9656 IMG_9654 IMG_9650 IMG_9649 IMG_9646 IMG_9645 IMG_9644 IMG_9643 IMG_9642 IMG_9641 IMG_9640 IMG_9639 IMG_9638 IMG_9637 IMG_9636 IMG_9635 IMG_9634 IMG_9632 IMG_9631 IMG_9630 IMG_9629 IMG_9628 IMG_9627 IMG_9626 IMG_9625 IMG_9624 IMG_9623 IMG_9622 IMG_9621 IMG_9620 IMG_9617 IMG_9616 IMG_9610 IMG_9608