Music Festivals – Jazz


The Melbourne International Jazz Fest  is held every year from the end of  May to the first week of June  Concerts are held in various venues around Melbourne, from the Hamer Hall, Jazz Clubs and on the streets! Its a jazzy week to be in Melbourne during this time. The event, as its name suggests, features international bands from all over the world.

The Stonnington Jazz fest is held every year prior to the Melbourne International Jazz Fest and growing in popularity each year.  Established in 2005 in the City of Stonnington, features all Australian artists and is held in May each year.

The Wangarataa Jazz and Blues Fest – Wangaratta is about a  two and a half hours drive from the Melbourne CBD.  The festival began in 1990 and is now a must attend event for lovers of Jazz and Blues, spreading over four full days from end Oct to Nov. If you plan to attend for more than a day, be sure to book a hotel/motel – well in advance. Many have permanent, year in advance bookings.  There’s so much written and published about the festival, a good place to start is  and of course the Festival’s webpage