Cosmic Cafe – Dallas, Texas


Cosmic Cafe – 2912 Oaklawn Ave. Dallas, Texas 75219

The Cosmic Cafe in Dallas is a unique Indian Cafe that not only Offers authentic Indian Vegetarian food, but also conducts regular Yoga and Meditation classes. The owner of the Cafe is also an expert as a Whirling Dervish and has had this Cafe going for over twenty years.

The appearnace and decor is very much Indian in Character and taste. If it was not decorated the way it is, it would not represent what an Indian Cafe in India would be like.

There is a wide variety of Indian food and I did enjoy some of my favourites apart from their famous Budha delight consisting of Curried vegetable of the day, dahl, samosa, pappadam, rice and nan

The website to this place is

Below a few photos I took whilst I was there – there are many more on the internet.




Stairway up to the Meditation and Yoga Room


Meditation and Yoga Rooms

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