Allan Browne – Memorial Concert at the Athenaeum


23rd September 2016. Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne, Australia

Allan Browne – Memorial Concert at the Athenaeum, presented by the Melbourne Jazz Cooperative.

I got into the Jazz scene, first photographing the events at the Melbourne International Jazz Fest, soon followed by the Wangaratta Jazz Fest, Stonnington Jazz Fest, Inverloch and in the Clubs around Melbourne.

One of the artists I remember very well at the 2014 WangFest was Alan Browne and Margie Lou Dyer at the Pinsent Hotel in Wangaratta. At the time I did not know what a great artist he was, and yet, he spent a minute or two trying to answer and explain to me what ‘Jazz’ was all about. Am still trying to understand how it all comes together and  has me smitten. It is where I also met Margie and whilst writing her name down by the side of the Piano, she kept reminding me it was pronounced ‘Mar Ghee as in Indian Ghee’ and not ‘Mar Gee’.

Loved the Memorial Concert last night for over three and a half hours that ended at 11:40 PM. As I stood up and turned around from the 2nd row in the front, it looked like no one left and stayed to the end.



Bob Sedergreen


Hold to the Now


Barney McAll


Barney McAll


Andrea Keller


Andrea Keller


Andrea Keller


Paul Grabowsky


Paul Grabowsky


Paul Grabowsky

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