Gemma Farrell – MFG at the Jazzlab – 2018-07-06


6th July 2018

MFG at the Jazzlab – 2018-07-06

MFG (Initials of the surnames)  – The band created by three musicians Nico Maas, Gemma Farrell and  Thomas Goralski who met and studied for their Bachelor and Master of Music degrees at  the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in 2010. Maas and Goralski are from Germany and Gemma Farrell is from Australia.

For more detailed  info about the group and their projects  – visit their website

The initials MFG,  are also of the words Mit freundlichen Grüßen (with friendly greetings)

Few Low res Pics from their set  at the Jazzlab in Brunswick, Melbourne, Vic – Australia

Nico Maas – Guitar,  Gemma Farrel – Sax,  and pianist Thomas Goralski