Stonnington Jazz 2019 – Opening Night 09/05/2019


The Opening Night of the Stonnington Jazz Festival 2019 with ‘War Cry’. Artistic Director Chelsea Wilson  came up with an extraordinary exposition, consisting of an all female band and vocalists, drawn from all around the country. In Chelsea’s words, ‘ the programme  boasts a blend of art, music, cabaret, spiritual jazz, afro beat, bebop, spoken word and trad jazz’.

The Band:  Claire Corgz on Bass guitar, Kyrie Anderson on drums, Stella Anning on guitar, Cheryl Durongpisitkul  on Saxophone, Lena Douglas on Piano and Ellie Lamb on trombone

Vocalists : Rita Satch  Odette Mercy  Racerage  Michelle Nicolle Fem Belling and  Sah Ida

Nikos Fotakis has captured the essence of the evening  in Australian Jazznet 

A few pics of the event .

Michelle Nicole

Rita Satch


Fem Belling

Ellie Lamb

Odette Mercy

Sah Ida