Carlo Alberto Canevali Tribute Concert


June 23 2019  From 2:00Pm to 6:00PM at the Jazzlab, Brunswick 

Carlo Alberto Canevali Tribute Concert – Ad Memoriam

A four hour memorial  tribute to celebrate the life and music of  Carlo Alberto Canevali. by artists who have  had  connection with him and have played with him,  donate their time for this  memorable tribute.

The proceeds from this concert  go to the Hush Foundation and a project that  Carlo was working on with his wife Alexandra Ramirez to teach and bring music to needy children in Colombia.

The artists who offered their time to participate in this afternoon’s tribute were:

Tamara Kuldin, Gianni Marinucci, Tom Lee, Rob Burke, Jackie Bornstein, Mamara Turphy, Tim Wilson, Louisa Rankin, Niko Schauble, Tony Hicks, Paul Van Ross, Ilaria Crociani, Philip Rex, Maddison Carter, Eric Budd, Jacq Gawler, John Montesante (apologies) , Stephen Magnusson, James Sherlock, Gianni Turcio, Darrin Archer, Frank Di Sario, Craig Fermanis, Fem Belling, Julie O’Hara, Justin Brady, Salvatore Rossano, Daniel Sheehan, Charlotte Jane Marandawela, Nathan Slater, Emma Gilmartin, Nichaud Fitzgibbon, Sam Anning, Nicholas Young, Luke Andresen Sam Keevers and Mirko Guerrini who organised this music tribute.

Photos of the  tribute at Jazzlab

Fem Belling

Tamara Kuldin

Tamara Murphy