Diwali 2013 – Federation Square Melbourne


Few Photos I took of the Diwali Festival at the Federation Square Stage.

IMG_8354IMG_9124 IMG_9121 IMG_9120 IMG_9140 IMG_9142 IMG_9147 IMG_9158 IMG_9194 IMG_9196 IMG_9198 IMG_9181 IMG_9206
IMG_8327 IMG_9138IMG_9232 IMG_9229 IMG_9227 IMG_9217 IMG_9219
IMG_9233 IMG_9234IMG_9225 IMG_9224 IMG_9220
IMG_9262 IMG_9269 IMG_9271 IMG_9276 IMG_9259IMG_9297
IMG_9301 IMG_9313 IMG_9308 IMG_9332 IMG_9333 IMG_9335IMG_9334 IMG_9298 IMG_9296 IMG_9293 IMG_9282 IMG_9283 IMG_9290 IMG_9291
IMG_9308 IMG_9306 IMG_9303 IMG_9314 IMG_9301 IMG_9305
IMG_9357 IMG_9344 IMG_9342 IMG_9343 IMG_9338 IMG_9361 IMG_9368 IMG_9369 IMG_9371 IMG_9378 IMG_9376 IMG_9394 IMG_9395 IMG_9397 IMG_9402 IMG_9406 IMG_9409 IMG_9417 IMG_9421 IMG_9423 IMG_9414 IMG_9433 IMG_9440 IMG_9435 IMG_9450 IMG_9451 IMG_9454 IMG_9460 IMG_9497 IMG_9508 IMG_9510 IMG_9519 IMG_9535 IMG_9534 IMG_9541IMG_9553 IMG_9552 IMG_9542 IMG_9544 IMG_9580
IMG_9532 IMG_9533 IMG_9594 IMG_9612 IMG_9610 IMG_9608 IMG_9598 IMG_9595 IMG_9590 IMG_9588 IMG_9586 IMG_9678 IMG_9673 IMG_9672 IMG_9671 IMG_9669 IMG_9662 IMG_9653 IMG_9650 IMG_9648 IMG_9647 IMG_9639 IMG_9620 IMG_9617 IMG_9616



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